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Non-contact tool measuring system for numerical control machine

DATE:2019-06-24 AUTHOR: CLICK:559

1. The integrated tool measuring and monitoring system having extremely high accuracy can adapt to the severest operating condition. 

The tool is measured and monitored in presence of the actual revolving speed during machining; and the maximum absolute accuracy can be implemented by focused laser lights. The patented NT electronic system can ensure that the process is completely stable; the Blum pneumatic unit and shutter device can offer the stronger protection; and the lights have been straightened on the housing in advance. The system has simple installation; and the programmable micro processor is arranged in the system. 

2. Advantages

Improve yield and quality while avoiding subsequent losses due to damage of tool, shortening the time of stopping and setting and reducing the rejected products.  

3. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly grease lubricating system

In allusion to the requirements of the country to environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving have become one trend. In Huaji, there is a solution available for the customer -- grease lubrication of the guide rails. The common lubricating oil is injected every 15min, and 2L lubricating oil would be used up within one week. Where is the lubricating oil? The majority of the lubricating oil is mingled with the cutting fluid. However, most processing enterprises do not replace the cutting fluid for several months; and accordingly, the cutting fluid would become yellow and stink, and the products would be easily trapped in a series of problems, such as surface oxidation during machining the aluminium alloy. These problems can be solved through lubrication of the grease; and in the long run, the grease is environmentally-friendly, and saves energy and money. 

4. Solution in allusion to machining of semiconductors, such as quartz, graphite and ceramic

In allusion to the machining requirements of the existing market to special materials of semiconductor, such as quartz, graphite and ceramic, many powder particles would be caused during machining, which accordingly damages the environment, guide rails and electric appliance of the machine tool body, and other aspects. The service life of the machine tool would be shortened greatly without special protective treatment! The oily cutting oil is used when machining some materials; and this cutting oil is volatile and inflammable, and would cause major personal safety and financial losses. However, Huaji has established the complete solution and made efforts on sealing performance of the whole machine and shield. Further, Huaji has acquired very efficient machining effect in connection with the oil mist collector, fire extinguisher, centrifugal machine and PLC control, and has been praised and well received by the customers on this aspect. 

The integrated system can offer the maximum accuracy for measurement of the small tool. 

Detect the vector wear on the blade quickly. 

The products of the company shall be continuously improved and innovated, and the specification and parameters might be changed. The pictures in the material shall be used for reference only, and the actual products shall prevail.  

The pictures in the material shall be used for reference only, and the actual products shall prevail.

The company continuously researches, develops and improves the products, and the specifications and parameters may be changed along renewal of technologies.  

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