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Technical Services Part (accessories of all well-known products)

DATE:2017-08-08 AUTHOR: CLICK:1100

Along with increasing requirements of market to the processing industry, Huajust has been endeavoring to make innovations and progress continuously. Huajust manufactures the machine tool to find out the way of improving the production quality and efficiency, rather than simply manufactures the machine tool. The following is the technical services part of Huajust outside the machine tool body.     

What are the processing enterprises most afraid of? Of course, scrapping of the product is. Meanwhile, how can the production efficiency be improved on the basis of controllable production accuracy?

Automatic centering and alignment, to implement automatic centering of the parts.

Measurement of 2D part size; (machining sizes of inner/outer holes in batches, rectangle, true position, etc.)

Protection of tool against damage/wear, and overcut inspection.  

Accuracy calibration of the machine tool, in order to use the machine tool reasonably.

Automatic depth measurement, to effectively supplement the tool length; (to reduce lapping defect and offset)

Measurement of 3D curved surface; (the 3D measurement software shall be arranged to generate the report automatically).  

Multi-dimensional machining

Along with technical innovation, it is difficult for the existing 3D machining to meet the following machining requirements. Huaji solves the difficulty of multi-angle machining by adding the fourth axis and the fifth axis on the basis of three axes. Further, Huaji takes the one-time clamping, thereby ensuring the machining accuracy, reducing the clamping time and improving the production efficiency.