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Cutting Tool Cloud Management System

DATE:2019-06-24 AUTHOR: CLICK:768

Function of equipment

Basic function:

1、 Monitor the number of parts processed by each tool

2、 Monitor the number of parts processed by each tool

3、Monitor number of workpieces processed

4、 Real-time monitor spindle load, rotation speed and machine tool feed

5、 Function of monitoring tool broken, wearing and of alarming

 High level function

1.  Remotely monitor operation of machine tool

2.  Production capacity of processing parts

3. Remote management of factory through cloud data

4.Check the operation status of machine tool and give alarm information

5.Analyse matching efficiency of machine tool through data

6.Analyse use-cost of various knife tools through data, so as to use cutting tool of lower cost

 Tailor products according to requirements of customer

Purpose of management by cutting tool cloud

1.Save consumption of cutting tool: improve cutting tool service life, lower cost of cutting tool used by per part

2.Reduce product defect rate: defective products increase production cost, so they shall be detected and controlled in time

3.Real-time protection of production safety: reduce shutdown caused by machine tool colliding with knife, reduce machine tool damage caused by machine tool colliding with knife, avoid fire caused by using oil-based fluid

4.Monitor machine tool use condition: monitor quantity of parts processed, machine tool shutdown time, knife tool replacement, processing rhythm, knife tool service life, alarm information, product quality, production plan execution, machine tool spindle load and rotation speed...

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Enlarged Y axis stroke makes processing range wider