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Gantry Series > GL-1510/1613/2015/2518/3022-6032

Super rigid structure (High performance-price ratio


Main characteristics    


  • The super columns and beam structure are used as the support, thereby ensuring the optimal rigidity; the inclined-back beam is taken; the widened slideway is featured with wide stress, and the center of gravity of the head evenly leans against the beam center; in this way, better accuracy and super heavy cut performance are achieved, and the whole structure has unique and high stability.

  • Good configuration of the spindle: the center of spindle is close to the sliding rail of the Axis Z, thereby greatly reducing influence due to thermal displacement and possible bending deformation generated by cutting torque, and accordingly ensuring good accuracy. 

  • The base uses the high-rigidity V-shaped structure; the best span is calculated for the bearing slideway of the table; and the bearing surface is wide and can still maintain good accuracy in case of the maximum load. 

  • The suspended support is applied to the variable counterweight cylinder of the Axis Z and close to the center of gravity; the centers of the screw and the spindle motor are configured optimally, to avoid occurrence of unbalanced moment and ensure certainty of microfeed and long-term machining accuracy. 

Warranty of high-rigidity structure and high quality 

  • The counterweight balance of oil cylinder is taken for movement of Axis Z; in this way, movement is implemented stably and smoothly. A pressure accumulator is installed to more quickly supplement the hydraulic oil to the oil cylinder.  

  • The precision leading screws with great diameters and appropriate preloads are applied to Axes X, Y and Z, and armed setting is used on the trailing end.  

  • The box-type structure and comprehensive ribs are used for machine tool body as the support, as well as high-quality Meehanite castings, and the design structure having high-precision cutting and dry cutting requirements.  

  • The full-support design is taken on the table during the whole stroke; therefore no deviation would generate due to suspension of the table. 

  • The oversized door and ultra-long stroke are taken, to adapt to the machining requirements of big workpieces.   

  • The BT-50 short nose spindle having a revolving speed achieving 6000rpm is used and assembled with a high-precision bearing having a diameter achieving 100mm. As for taper of BT-50 inner hole, the nose design of the short spindle is taken; in this way, it is suitable for heavy cut; in connection with the planetary transmission gear box of Germany, the torsion of the spindle can achieve 572N-m, and the spindle having the revolving speed at 8000rpm can be selected. 

  • The helical and chain-plate type debris removal: two sides of the machine base are equipped with the helical cutting parts; in this way, the iron scraps generated during machining can be conveyed to the chip conveyor in front of the machine tool easily, and discharged into a collecting cart through the chip conveyor.

Technical Parameters

Basic specification: unitGL1510GL1613GL-2015GL-2518GL-3022GL-6032

Strokes of Axes X, Y and Zmm1500/1000/5001600/1300/6002000×1650×8002500×1800×10003000×2200×10006000×3200×1000
Nose of the Spindle to the Table Surface  mm200-700200-800175-975250-1250250-1250200-1200
Center of the Spindle to the Shield Surface of Axis Z  mm1050(Gantry width)1400(Gantry width)1650(Gantry width)1900(Gantry width)2200(Gantry width)3200(Gantry width)
Maximum Load of the Table 

Table Sizemm1600X9001700X12002000×12002500×16003000×18006000×2500
Maximum Load of the Table kg250030007000100001300022000
Size of T-Shaped Slot (Width * Number of Slots * Interval)   mm18X5X16518X7X15022×7×17022×9×18022×9×18028×10×220

Revolving Speed of Spindlerpm600060006000600060006000
Horsepower of Spindle Motorkw15/18.515/18.522222226
Taper of Spindle 
Diameter of Spindle mm155/190155/190200200200200
Feed Rate 

Maximum feed rates of Axes X, Y and Zm/min20X20X2020X20X2012×12×1212×12×1212×12×1212×12×10

Repeated Accuracymm±0.003±0.003±0.003±0.003±0.003±0.003
Positioning Accuracy mm±0.005±0.005±0.015±0.015±0.015±0.015
Automatic tool changer 

Form of Tool Changer
Knife armKnife armKnife armKnife armKnife armKnife arm
Capacity of the Tool Magazine support242424242424
Maximum Tool Diameter mm105/200105/200105/200105/200105/200105/200
Maximum Tool Length mm350350350350350350
Maximum Tool Weight kg151515151515
Tool changing time (T-T) sec3.
Power Source 

Pressure of air machine kgf/cm2777777
Power demand KVA353540405060
Size and weight of the machine 

Net weight T151818243360
Overall size (length * width*height)m4.8X3.2X3.85X3.9X46.4×4.2×4.37.5×4.5×4.68.5×4.7×4.915.5×6.5×5.5