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Vertical Processing Series > GV-1380

Linear rail of X/Y/Z axis, heavy and integrated machining center


Advantages of the product

  • This type of machine can be considered as the “Aircraft carrier” of the vertical machining center; the machine tool body weighs 13 tons which is not at the same level as those of common 1265 and 1370 type machine tools; four 45mm heavy-duty roller type guide rails are applied to Axis Y, thereby making the table very stable during large-area machining displacement, without easy deformation.  

  • 55mm super-wide guide rails with 6 huge sliding blocks are applied to the Axis X and Axis Z; in this way, the machining rigidity is greatly improved; therefore, the machine tool is able to cut anything. 

Structure introduction of the machine tool body

Four guide rails are applied to this machine; specifically four 45mm guide rails are used on the Axis Y, and 55mm super-wide rails are used on the Axis X and Axis Z, and 6 sliding blocks are also taken; in this way, the machine is very stable during large-area machining, and the table has super-strong bearing capacity, without easy deformation. The table is equipped with 7 slots, to facilitate machining and clamping. BT40 type spindle and BT50 type spindle are available for the customers. 

Technical Parameters

Basic specification: unitGV-1380

Strokes of Axes X, Y and Zmm1300×800×700
Nose of the Spindle to the Table Surface  mm150-850
Center of the Spindle to the Shield Surface of Axis Z  mm840
Maximum Load of the Table 

Table Sizemm1400×800
Maximum Load of the Table kg1500
Size of T-Shaped Slot (Width * Number of Slots * Interval)   mm22×7×110

Revolving Speed of Spindlerpm8000
Horsepower of Spindle Motorkw18.5(15)
Taper of Spindle 
Diameter of Spindle mm155/150
Feed Rate 

Maximum feed rates of Axes X, Y and Zm/min20×20×20

Repeated Accuracymm±0.003
Positioning Accuracy mm±0.005
Automatic tool changer 

Form of Tool Changer
Knife arm
Capacity of the Tool Magazine support24
Maximum Tool Diameter mm80/150
Maximum Tool Length mm300
Maximum Tool Weight kg8
Tool changing time (T-T) sec3.8
Power Source 

Pressure of air machine kgf/cm27
Power demand KVA35
Size and weight of the machine 

Net weight T13
Overall size (length * width*height)m3.4×2.9×3.05