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Vertical Processing Series > GV-1160

Linear rail of X/Y/Z axis, composite and integrated machining center


Advantages of the product

  • The product has the machining range which is much greater than that of common 1m machine, and the rigidity is increased greatly at the same time. The high-power motor up to 15KW is taken as the spindle motor; with the adoption of the super-wide machine tool base, columns, 45mm three-axis heavy-duty roller type guide rails, and six sliding blocks on the Axis X and Axis Z, the rigidity requirements of the bearing axis is strengthened, and the machine tool can more effectively absorb vibration during heavy cut; and accordingly the accuracy and degree of finish of the workpiece are improved. Therefore, 1160 type machine is the perfect combination of high speed and high rigidity. 

Structure introduction of the machine tool body 

On the basis of common 1060 type machine, strengthened machining is implemented on a saddle of the table; 45mm heavy duty guide rails are applied to the guide rails of three axes; the table is not suspended in midair during displacement due to the super-wide span between the guide rails; and 6 sliding blocks are used on the Axis X and Axis Z, thereby greatly strengthening the bearing rigidity. This type of machine tool has big stroke and high rigidity, and can totally meet machining requirements of the most of the steel parts.     

Technical Parameters

Basic specification: unitGV-1160

Strokes of Axes X, Y and Zmm1100×600×600
Nose of the Spindle to the Table Surface  mm140-740
Center of the Spindle to the Shield Surface of Axis Z  mm630
Maximum Load of the Table 

Table Sizemm1200×600
Maximum Load of the Table kg1000
Size of T-Shaped Slot (Width * Number of Slots * Interval)   mm18×5×100

Revolving Speed of Spindlerpm8000
Horsepower of Spindle Motorkw15
Taper of Spindle 
Diameter of Spindle mm150/155
Feed Rate 

Maximum feed rates of Axes X, Y and Zm/min36×36×36

Repeated Accuracymm±0.003
Positioning Accuracy mm±0.005
Automatic tool changer 

Form of Tool Changer
Knife arm
Capacity of the Tool Magazine support24
Maximum Tool Diameter mm80/150
Maximum Tool Length mm300
Maximum Tool Weight kg8
Tool changing time (T-T) sec1.8
Power Source 

Pressure of air machine kgf/cm27
Power demand KVA25
Size and weight of the machine 

Net weight T7
Overall size (length * width*height)m3.1×2.4×2.7